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Lyndon LaRouche – Message from the United States

Lyndon LaRouche

Message from the United States


I am, as you know, Lyndon LaRouche, and I’m speaking from Virginia in particular, addressing the events which are occurring in France at this time. My wife Helga has intervened to bring me into that role. We will have some other representatives, I’m sure, in France, to share this program.

The crucial issue, however, in Europe right now is the case of Germany: If the leading forces in Germany persuade Merkel, from the course she’s carrying on so far, or if she agrees to accept that operation, there are forces in Germany which are now disposed to prevent any military conflict between Russia and Germany.

The particular significance of this action by Germany, is that Germany’s economy has a very special value today. Despite all the problems that the German nation suffers in economic problems and so forth, Germany still has a leading validity in terms of economy in Europe. And therefore, if the German economy, the leaders of the German economy, contrary to what Merkel has been doing so far, were to exert their influence effectively, then Germany would actually take steps which would, in effect, prevent a military conflict between Europe, or specifically Germany, and Russia. That would be probably sufficient to thwart any attempt to spread a global thermonuclear war of the type that the British system, and its stooge, Obama, is pushing hard right now.
Therefore, those who are in France, or participating in the things that are going on in France now, should look carefully at this, because this is the interest of all us. Because if a general thermonuclear war were to be launched, and it would be launched under the auspices of Barack Obama, the President of the United States, then the effect would be probably permanent. Maybe some human beings would survive, but the system of society as we’ve known it heretofore, would be completely changed, and mostly obliterated.

So therefore, it’s extremely important that we break the attempt to use Europe, or European nations, for their own role in their self-destruction. And the one nation which is best suited to do that, would be certain leading figures in Germany, acting simply on the basis of defending the German economy. That would be a sufficient motive to stop what Obama is doing, if the people in the United States would pick up on the same thing.

If we don’t succeed in that direction, or something tantamount to that, there’s no doubt, that most of the human race would disappear, and disappear very suddenly. It would not be a long war in its battle form; it would be quick, massively destructive, more destructive than anything conceived before. It would be sudden, and the planet would be finished, as far as human beings understand today. And I’m working on that issue from here. I’m working also on trying to encourage people in other parts of the world, to recognize that, so that some of them, who have considered me to be some kind of an authority on these kinds of matters, may respond to what I’m saying. And if they do, and take the actions I’ve suggested,— that we take steps to make sure that Obama is blocked from launching thermonuclear war, by the British Empire but under Obama, to launch a general war which is steaming up right now,—if we stop that, we can save civilization. Otherwise, we have very poor chances.

So, that’s where I think I would like to encourage those participating in the proceedings in France at this time, to put their contribution from various nations that are participating, in taking this view, that we must find, hopefully with help from leading forces in Germany, to take a step to break the bloc which is trying to unite all of Western Europe and beyond, into a single attack on Russia.

Russia will respond to an attack, mercilessly, and with great efficiency. But it would be a Russia virtually sacrificing its own existence, in order to bring down those parts of the planet which were trying to destroy, in particular Russia, but also civilization generally.
This British/Obama connection is the greatest threat to mankind known in history so far, and there can be no doubt, by any competent analyst, to recognize that that is the case at hand now. That the coming weeks are, as of now, unless a change occurs, the signal for the extermination of most of humanity. And that’s what I’m talking about, and I’m right, and it’s important.


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