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"Green" Means No Humanity – There are No Limits to Growth!

Since his founding of a political and philosophical movement in the late 1960s, the uniquely successful economic forecaster Lyndon LaRouche has led a fight with the Anglo-American establishment, to defeat their policies of zero population growth and anti-technology environmentalism. These policies, LaRouche insisted, mean genocide, especially for the Third World. Those nations require advanced technology and education in order to develop, to increase their potential relative population density; instead, they have been subjected to ever more devastating austerity conditionalities, and “population wars,” deliberately planned to keep the growth of their non-white populations in check. It is adherance to ideologies which justify this policy, which keeps many otherwise progressive and humane activists from helping humanity.

The point is illustrated in its relatively simplest aspects, by the record of upward progressive changes in relative energy-flux density required to maintain any human culture even in a fixed mode of energy-flux density of culture for the population of that culture as a whole. Zero energy-flux-density growth of society, is cultural death, a process which, when carried to a stubbornly persistent end set forth by the WBGU, is the recipe for the extinction of any variety of extant human culture, and, in the end, the extinction of the human species itself.

Lyndon LaRouche, Economist and Statesman, Essay: ‘That Which Could Not Be Sustained’, May 3, 2011


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