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Helga Zepp-LaRouche: The New Silk Road Is Transforming The Planet – A NEW ERA OF MANKIND

Helga Zepp-LaRouche

President Schiller Institute


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Ladies and Gentlemen, I greet you all to this extremely important conference, and I’m giving you, in the beginning the most heartfelt greetings of Mr. Lyndon LaRouche, who is in spirit with us, in this conference, and whose prophetic work has contributed very much that there is a solution in the world today.

But I have to tell you that we are in a crisis moment of unprecedented dimensions. Humanity right now is on the edge of a genocide which could become worse than anything that ever happened in history, and as of now, if the present policies of the trans-Atlantic sector are continued, it will happen. In the short term, we face the coincidence of three mortal dangers: We have the expansion of the ISIS terrorism, which is already causing genocide against the Kurdish Iraqi/Syrian populations as well as religious minorities. And that could very quickly reach the point where the nations against which this terrorism is directed, have no other possibility left than to fight wars, and that then could blow up the entire Southwest Asia region, and it could ignite a global war.

The second, equally mortal danger, or equally dangerous situation is the pandemic of Ebola, which is already completely out of control, and it is right now, not only ravaging several West African nations, but it is spreading to Europe, to the United States, and to Latin America. And contrary to irresponsible assurances that in the so-called “advanced sector” it is absolutely not possible to spread, and that the so-called advanced countries are prepared, due to the cuts in the health sector, that could also go completely out of control.

And the third mortal danger, is that is we are facing with an absolute certainty, a new financial crash which is going to be much worse than 2008, and if then the EU and the United States are going for the so-called bail-in, that is, the Cyprus model, taking a haircut off all the people who have accounts in the banks, then that would throw the world into Dark Age, and with that, you know, also a war would result and the danger of all weapons in existence would come to be used.

Now, the key to emphasize is that all of these three dangers are not the result of inevitable processes, but they’re all man-made and therefore, they can be remedied, but it has to be first recognized, that they are the results of policy failures of the establishment of the trans-Atlantic region, and they can only be corrected, if the political will can be mobilized to do so.

Now, concerning the first threat, the IS Caliphate, which is right now advancing massively, despite the bombing, my husband Lyndon LaRouche produced a movie in 1999, which had the title Storm Over Asia, which was characterized by a prophetic prescience showing where the policies of the Anglo-Americans would lead to. Please, first clip–I’m sorry, we apparently have a technical problem.

In this clip of this movie, which Mr. LaRouche produced in 1999, he, in great detail laid out how the new version of the Great Game against Russia at that point, and against China, was practically using terrorism for the preparation of what would become eventually a new world war; and, among other things, he emphasized the very treacherous role of Turkey. I would suggest that people who are interested in this can watch this clip on the website of LaRouche PAC, and I would really urge people to do that. []

Now, to use the “Islamic card” against the Soviet Union was originally the idea of Brzezinski who presented this policy at a conference of the Trilateral Commission in Kyoto, in 1975. But then, after the mujahideen were trained for the fight against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan, that movement took on a life of its own, and it spread from Afghanistan to Central Asia, to Dagestan, to Chechnya, to Pakistan, and beyond.

This already created havoc enough, but then, what was added was the policy of “regime change,” which was the result of the intention by the Anglo-Americans to turn the world into a global empire, after the collapse of the Soviet Union. And the policy of regime change worsened the situation by dismantling states as organizational principles of the international order.

In 2003, the war against Saddam Hussein and Iraq, which was based entirely on lies, manufactured by Tony Blair and the MI6, indeed, turned Iraq into a country “bombed back into the Stone Age,” and it was left as a breeding ground for the present terrorism wave which we see.

Then the war against Libya, which again, was based on lies, where the UN veto powers, Russia and China, were betrayed by being told that it was just a “humanitarian intervention” and no war, which is why they voted neutral in the vote in the UN Security Council; now if you look at Libya, it’s a country in complete and total chaos.

Then the lies against Syria, that the Assad government would have used chemical weapons, which is not proven, but to the contrary it is proven that it was used by the rebels which were supported by Saudi Arabia and the West; nevertheless, the lie that Assad has used chemical weapons is being maintained by the official mass media up to the present day.

The military strikes were prevented in the last minute, but as a result, if you look at the entire region, Iraq and Syria today are too weak to cope with ISIS, and in Europe you have right now completely foolish proposals, like coming from the Green Party to use German troops under UN mandate which as of now which not occur, not least because the Green policies of backing a Nazi coup in Ukraine helped to contribute to the isolation of Russia and therefore, the chances that under present conditions, a UN mandate for such a mission will not happen.

The German Foreign Minister makes that point, but then he goes, of all places, to Saudi Arabia, to emphasize the leading role Saudi Arabia should play in the fight against IS! Now, you can go to the goat, if you want to protect to the cabbage, and ask him to guard the garden. The political spokesman of the CDU Philipp Missfelder, says that for Syria, there can only be a political solution without Assad, but temporarily we may have to back Assad, because otherwise ISIS will take over.

Now, this is “Amateur Night”! These dabblers in politics play with a situation which could lead to World War III in the short term. In the United States right now, there is a growing revolt, the demand to get to the bottom of the present crisis with ISIS, by looking at what were the real circumstances of 9/11, and to publicize the entire official Sept. 11th report [of the Joint Congressional Inquiry into intelligence activities surrounding the 9/11 attacks] which was produced at the time under the leadership of Sen. Bob Graham, and investigated the circumstances of Sept. 11.

Now, the big fight in the United States, which could determine where the world goes, is the fight to release the 28 pages, which are classified to the present day; they were classified by George Bush, and Obama promised in the 2008 election campaign, that he would declassify this chapter of the report, and give the 3,000 families whose family members were killed in the Twin Tower attack, the right to find out what really happened.

Now, there is right now, not least due to our own efforts, a growing number of congressmen who demand that this 28 pages be declassified. Now, the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. a week ago, had an 11-minute program where they discussed exactly the importance of these 28 pages. First clip: “Our biggest problem is our allies. Our allies in the region were our largest problem in Syria.” Now that was the voice of Vice President Biden, who made a much-notified speech about two, three weeks ago, where he said that the problem with the present bombing of the ISIS by the United States, is the fact that the “allies” — Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the Emirates — that they are pursuing quite different policies and that the United States has no allies.

But much more to the point is what [former] Sen. Bob Graham, who is still under obligation of secrecy because it’s classified, however, he is increasing the pressure that these 28 pages must be made public.

Next clip: [Graham:] “The connection is a direct one. Not only has Saudi Arabia been promoting this extreme form of religion, but it also has been the principal financier, first of al-Qaeda, then of the various al-Qaeda franchises around the world, specifically, the ones in Somalia and Yemen; and now the support of ISIS…”

Now, this is dynamite. And the scandal is obviously, I mean, all the heads of state of Europe, and beyond, know this! Because Sen. Bob Graham is an extremely recognized and highly reputed Senator. He was the head of the Joint Congress Inquiry [into intelligence activities] around Sept. 11, and for example, Mr. Steinmeier who in his capacity as Cabinet Chief of Schröder, when Schröder was Chancellor, was in charge of secret services. And now, being foreign minister for the second time, there is no way how he cannot know that, and so that goes for all the European governments.

So, the scandal which we have to really make public and use for a change in policy is the fact that the same countries which have been financing and building up, first the mujahideen, then al-Qaeda, then al Nusra, and now ISIS, they are supposed to be the ones in the coalition to fight ISIS, which obviously is a complete farce.

Now Bloomberg, the news service, had also a couple of days ago a story, where they say the Islamic State grooms Chechen fighters against Putin, and the one of the top ISIS commanders who is a Georgian, whose nickname is “Omar the Chechen,” his name is Omar al-Shishani, openly says the ultimate target of ISIS is President Putin. We also know that the majority of ISIS fighters are actually from Chechnya, and they are preparing to bring the fight which is right now raging in Southwest Asia into Russia.

The leader of the Nazis in Ukraine, of the Right Sector, Dmytro Yarosh, called on the Chechen warlord Doku Umarov to take up arms against Russia; and this Yarosh, by the way, fought in the first Chechen war against Russia on the side of the Chechens.

So as we can see very clearly, these operations are not just in the Middle East, but they are directed against Russia and also China. On the 4th July of this year, the ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi published a map which showed the extended Caliphate they are trying to build, into Xinjiang in China, and he also named 20 countries that supposedly seized Muslim rights.

Now, what conclusion can we draw out of all of this? Rather than allying with countries that help to groom and finance terrorist groupings from the mujahideen to ISIS to the present day, if we want to prevent the escalation of this situation into World War III, we have absolutely have to change course and form an alliance that includes Russia, China, India, Iran, Syria, and Egypt, and only if we change the policy in this direction can this crisis be stopped.

It also means, urgently, to put the question of a new all-inclusive security architecture on the table, because it is basically a situation where you cannot have some countries on a confrontation course Russia, and basically hope to avoid World War III. We have to go back to the rule of international law. We have to go back to the absolute respect of national sovereignty, as it developed during the Peace of Westphalia negotiations, and as it is represented today in the UN Charter.

Also, the entire paradigm of regime change through color revolution, which is warfare, even if it’s not declared, has to be outlawed, but especially the Blair Doctrine of so-called “humanitarian intervention.” In 1999, Blair gave a speech in Chicago, which changed the doctrine of NATO and the West completely, basically by saying that from now on, humanitarian military interventions are allowed by NATO even without UN mandates, and the first time this was applied in this war, in this period in the Kosovo war against Yugoslavia. We also have to absolutely, urgently scrap the “right to protect,” which was a consequence of this Blair Doctrine, and it was adopted in 2005 by the world summit of the United Nations. Because this policy has led to the present erosion as we see it in Southwest Asia and Africa, right now.

We have to go back to the Peace of Westphalia of 1648 — next clip — which ended successfully 150 years of religious war, and which represented an absolute breakthrough, and the first time the establishment of international law. If you look at the principles of the Peace of Westphalia, the first principle said, for the sake of peace, all crimes of all sides must be forgotten. And the second principle was, that from now on, foreign policy must be based on the “interest of the other”: There must be an absolute respect for national sovereignty, and that means today, that we absolutely must end the idea of geopolitical interest of one nation or a group of nations. Because it is geopolitics which has led to two world wars in the last century, and it is about to lead to a third world war, coming out of the Great Game policy and the encirclement against Russia and China.

We have to replace geopolitics with the idea of the common aims of mankind, and we need to build a new security architecture, that must take care of the interest of every single nation on the planet. Chinese President Xi Jinping has said, repeatedly, that you cannot have security in the world for some nations, and chaos for others.

Now, if we look at the second mortal danger, the Ebola pandemic, this is already completely out of control. As of now, there is no treatment, no cure and no vaccine, and Ebola is an extremely aggressive virus with a mortality rate of 70-80%. The rate of growth is increasing exponentially, and the present estimates are, that by January of next year, there will be probably, conservative estimated, 1.5 million people infected! There are presently anywhere between 10 and 20,000 new cases per week. Basically, health workers have given up counting, because it is completely out of control.

In March, when the first outbreak was known by West African countries, essentially Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Guinea, these countries asked for help from the World Health Organization and the United Nations and they did not get any help. Now, it is right now practically a situation where the medical personnel have given up in these countries, because they just — it’s a situation like described by Boccaccio in the Decameron, where basically people were first put into treatment camps, then into holding camps, because there were too many people; but then these holding camps just turned into death camps. And then people were just told, stay at home, here you have some aspirin, don’t leave the house, and that simply meant that the families soon would be all affected.

Now, already in 1972, my husband had called for task force to investigate the long-term implications of the IMF conditionalities policies and he, at that time, said, if the IMF policies will be applied, then it will lead to a biological catastrophe down the road. But, as we know, in 1974, you had Henry Kissinger, when he was National Security Advisor in the United States, who published the infamous NSSM-200 memorandum, which simply said that the population in some countries in the Third World is the biggest threat to the national security interests of the United States, because too many people use up too many raw materials, and therefore, this population growth should be discouraged — now, with means of the IMF conditionalities. Because if you tell a Third World country, “You cannot invest in health policies, you cannot invest in infrastructure, but you have to pay your debt,” the consequences are very clear. And the wretched condition of many countries, especially in Africa, in the world today, are the deliberate intention of the present world system.

Now, we should also remember that the British policy has been population reduction at least since World War II, where by the end of it, Bertrand Russell, in an article in Science magazine, with the title “The Impact of Science on Politics” said, it would be very advantageous if in every generation would have a deadly pandemic because then population would be reduced and the remaining survivors could procreate more freely without causing overpopulation. And we should also keep in mind that Prince Philip has been on the record many times in public conferences, saying that if he would be reincarnated, he would like to come back as a deadly virus, to help to reduce the population.

Now, in 2008, CDC, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, in the United States, wrote a memorandum to the incoming President Obama, or actually already during the election campaign, which was published yesterday due to the “Freedom of Information Act” in the United States, — this was published in the Washington Times where the CDC in 2008 said that the planned funding cuts could lead to a situation where simple diseases like rabies, hepatitis A, and Ebola, could become a mortal danger. Now, obviously, this was completely ignored and the cuts were absolutely dramatic.

Now what we have to do today, is basically to remedy a situation where, you know, I mean, the situation in Europe and the United States, is much, much worse, because it turns out that, for example in Spain, where the first cases emerged, and then many of the nurses got infected, there was no protocol for the health workers! Instead of bringing people to a Level 4 hospital, there was a complete lack of preparedness, and basically the nurses were left to figure out what they should do. In the United States there are only four hospitals which can treat on Level 4, such patients; in Germany, there’s only room for 50 patients. And last Wednesday [Oct. 15], there was a conference call in the United States where the National Nurses United nurses trade union, was on a conference call with 11,500 nurses on the call, and they basically blamed Obama for the utter lack of preparedness of the U.S. health-care system, where they have received no training, no protective gear, and no means of disposal of the infected material, no respirators.

And there is also research by Rebecca Milner of the International Medical Corps, from the University of Minnesota, that contrary to the official line, Ebola can be transmitted on an aerosol level. In other words, that it’s not true that only bodily contact can transmit it.

Now, the Spanish military proposed last August, that is two months ago, when this case was known, to basically use the army’s highly trained ABC teams — atomic, biological, chemical weapons teams — to take charge of handling the situation, because they are trained to do so. But this was rejected by the government. Instead, people were sent to Madrid’s Carlos III Hospital, and basically Spain’s most advanced infectious disease unit had been dismantled a year earlier to cut costs and due to privatization. So therefore, untrained personnel were given a 20 minute video instead, and naturally, now many people are infected.

Now, the angry military ABC experts gave an interview to El Confidencial Digital, basically reporting that when their teams are being trained, they are trained to put and to take off the protect gear hundreds of times, and an officer is standing behind them and tells them at every error, “If this was a real case, you would be dead now.” Now, 500 doctors, nurses, and other medical personnel put out a statement that the most deadly virus is the policy of the Spanish government and the health officials who are tearing apart the public health system by privatization. And that obviously, does not only apply for Spain.

Now, the European health ministers basically still have the line that it’s not out of control, and it’s not transmittable by aerosols, but, we have to absolutely say, that the worst risk for the rapid spread of Ebola in Europe right now, is the policy of austerity by the Troika, because they have dismantled the health systems of Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, and you can actually see the criminal negligence of these governments by the fact that they focus now mainly on the screening in airports and railroads of arriving passengers, to check their temperature, which absolutely does not prevent any infection or contagion at all.

If you look at the figures in Europe, the hospital beds per 100,000 inhabitants, have decreased from 2003 to 2014, with the austerity policies of the Troika: In Germany by -6%; in France by -16%; in Italy, -18%! And Europe at this point is not prepared, because it takes up to 20 medical personnel to treat one single patient, so you can imagine what the situation is.

Obviously, what should be done, is we should absolutely go into an emergency mode, to stop the crisis in Africa, which is not being done right now. What we would need is to send the hospital ships of every army around the world, because the worst stricken countries in West Africa are on the Atlantic coast. So then you could at least treat a lot of patients already. Also, there are 3,500 American soldiers who have been deployed there, to build up facilities, have not built up one single building! So rather than waiting and losing more precious time, one should simply take buildings, turn them very quickly into Level 4 hospitals, and really try to contain this epidemic before it is completely too late. And use especially those sections by the international armies which have been trained for biological warfare, because these are the only existing capabilities right now, which can do so. And there again, without the cooperation of the United States, Russia, China, India, European countries and others, this cannot be solved.

So we have two situations where the continuation of the confrontation against Russia is absolutely suicidal for the human race, and I can assure you that there will be in the next weeks and months a growing panic in the world about all of these situations, and we have to help to turn that panic into the recognition that the human race must change its course, that we must have an international, new security architecture, where all of these countries are working together to contain these mortal dangers.

Now, already the 1970s, LaRouche called for a Biological Defense Initiative; this occurred then in the context of the IMF measures. He reiterated that call after the anthrax attacks in the United States in the context Sept. 11, and he called for a national defense against germ warfare, drawing on the lessons of the principles which were drawn in the Korean War and which were then turned into the Hill-Burton Act in the United States.

In February 2006, I called for a Biological Defense Initiative, after the bird flu had reached three continents and there was the immediate danger of mutation of this virus, that it could be transmuted to be communicated from person to person. Now the World Health Organization reported at that time, in ’91, that there would be a window of 10 years before the combination of old and new pandemics and antibiotic-resistant diseases would create the conditions for a biological holocaust. Now, this was 14 years ago, and obviously, it is more urgent to pool all international resources of all medical facilities, and avoid the kind of duplication which is now occurring because people are still looking for patents to make profits, when this is a question where a Black Death could diminish the world population as it did in the 14th century.

Now, this biological initiative would basically require a thoroughgoing crash program, to find the solutions, but it should have a completely different approach — not the profit of pharmaceutical companies but to look at the fundamental question, what life really, namely from the standpoint of the connection between the biosphere and the noösphere, in the sense of the Russian scientist Vladimir Vernadsky.

Now, it was already clear since the ’70s, that we’re heading toward a new financial crash, and a new danger of a new fascism. This was the famous prognosis of my husband, Lyndon LaRouche on the 15th August, 1971, when Nixon decoupled the dollar from the gold standard, and dismantled the Bretton Woods system. And he predicted at that point, it would come to a new crash.

In the meantime, the international financial system has become more criminal, and it turned into what Jean Ziegler, who is the new UN commissioner for the investigation of vulture funds, has called a “cannibalistic system” where the most criminal element are the vulture funds, which basically are responsible, in large part, for the condition of not only Argentina, which is fighting a very courageous battle, but also for example, Africa, because the same vulture funds which demand from Argentina to have full payment for junk bonds which they bought for $48 millions, they want to have now $850 millions, which would mean a profit rate of 1,608% over six years! Now, they have done the same to Congo Brazzaville: A fund called Elliott Management, owned by the same Paul Singer who is in the war against Argentina.

Now, we should just simply know how many medicines, how much food, how much housing one could build with the millions these vulture funds and criminal activities are costing. Lots of these lives could be saved and could have been saved in the last four decades, and we at the time, said that the IMF policies were a hundred times worse than those of Adolf Hitler, and if you look at how many people have been killed in the meantime, that was not an exaggeration at all.

Now, this system basically, which has led to a situation where 85 individuals own as much as 3.5 billion people, this is about to crash. It will disintegrate and as of now, if nothing is changed in time, it will be much worse than in 2008, because the too-big-to-fail banks are 50% bigger, they’re 50% more indebted, and there is right now a chorus of financial experts who say that the “big one is about to happen.” William White, the ex-chief of the Bank for International Settlements; Guy Debelle, the head of the BIS Markets Committee says this will be a relatively violent crash; Thomas Hoenig, the vice-chairman of the FDIC, said recently, if one too-big-to-fail bank comes down, it will be the entire system; and basically all the EU and U.S. administration have prepared is a bail-in, which is a haircut on the Cyprus Model.

Now, what I said in the beginning, these three existential threats coincide, and if there is not a dramatic shift in the paradigm, we all, as well as those who are responsible, are as good as dead.

Now, fortunately, there is a solution and a way out, because there is a parallel development, which has developed as a direct reaction to the utterly immoral and criminal casino system of profit maximization for a few, and poverty and death for millions, if not billions. The preparation for this alternative system has been under way for a very long time. It was the fight of the Non-Aligned Movement in ’60s and in the ’70s for a New World Order, but at that point it was crushed, and it suffered many setbacks. This organization has been fighting for this parallel system since Lyndon LaRouche called for an International Development Bank in 1975, and we have been fighting for this for the last 40 years.

But now, a new era of civilization began when President Xi Jinping announced last year that there should be a New Silk Road policy built when he was in Kazakhstan.

Next clip. The ancient Silk Road, which was basically built 2,000 years ago, during the Han Dynasty. At that time it led to an exchange of goods, technologies, ideas, cultures, and it indeed was a tremendous victory because it had to overcome unbelievable challenges, like the Taklamakan Desert, where people had to travel with horses, camels, and by foot and ship.

Now, this is a place where I had the fortune to visit, end of August, on the invitation of the China Soong Ching Ling Foundation and the Dunhuang Academy, where we were invited to make a trip last August along the ancient Silk Road, from Lanzhou to the Great Wall in Jiayuguan, Dunhuang, and the Great Wall even farther west in the Gobi Desert. Now, this, by the way is very interesting. You see there is only desert, but there you see these arches: This is the beginning of the new rail line, which will go all the way from Lanzhou to Urumqi and beyond. It is being built with very fast speed.

Now the New Silk Road is not just a connection from China through Central Asia to Europe; it’s an open concept, every country on the planet is invited to join.

Next: Then in November, Xi Jinping added to that. This is the BRICS countries and the other countries working with the BRICS — in November last year, Xi Jinping added the Maritime Silk Road and in May, there was the breakthrough summit in Shanghai, between President Putin and President Xi Jinping, where they concluded the agreement with the 30-year gas deal and 40 agreements. In July, there took place the summit of the BRICS countries in Fortaleza, Brazil, and also the CELAC countries, the 17 heads of state, the Unasur countries, and then later meetings of the ASEAN and the [Brazil? 44:36].

And go back to the green map you had before, this is now the new system. This represents more than half of humanity, and these countries are engaged in a completely different paradigm than you have any inkling of, we have in the United States or in Europe. There is a tremendous cultural optimism in China. China is a country which has developed in the most unbelievable way in the last 30 years. In 30 years, they have undergone a development which, for most countries of the so-called advanced sector, it took several centuries, and they’re now offering that kind of development to the participating countries of the New Silk Road.

It is also a new conception of man, mankind’s identity as defined from future and its relationship to the cosmic order. This part of the world is presently operating in completely different principles, and the Silk Road is not a geopolitical conception, but it is superseding national interest as the basis for collaboration among nations for the common interest of mankind. In Fortaleza, a gigantic number of large development projects were agreed upon among various nations, and I only want to name a few, to give you a feeling for the magnitude of these projects:

First, new credit mechanisms and commitments to principle were agreed upon, as the basis to lift the entire planet onto a completely new trajectory of development. Three banks are being built now, the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, the New Development Bank, the Shanghai Cooperation Bank, which are no longer giving credit for speculation, but only to finance projects. And these three banks, even though they are not yet in full development, will become the lifeboat when the Titanic of the trans-Atlantic system is collapsing.

Now, among the many projects which were included was the idea to build, with Chinese help, a second Panama Canal in Nicaragua, connecting the Pacific and the Caribbean to become the focal point of an entire Central American/Caribbean Basin and this was designed with the top Chinese water-management, rail, aviation, port design company which basically worked out two seaports, one airport, an artificial lake, a cement and steel plant, and this was designed by the Changjiang Institute of Survey, Planning, Design and Research, which also had designed the Three Gorges Dam. Russia, in the meantime, has expressed interest to participate in this concept.

Next, the Brazil-Peru transcontinental railroad: This is a gigantic project, where basically, for the first time, a railroad is going to be built from Brazil from the Atlantic coast to the Pacific coast in Peru. Now, at a meeting between [Brazil President] Dilma Rousseff and Xi Jinping, Dilma Rousseff said this is fundamental to the South American integration and an outlet for the Brazilian exports to Asia. Now, Bolivia in the meantime, has asked China for help in building the Bolivian part, an alternative transcontinental route from Brazil, through Bolivia to Peru.

There is a whole series of projects between Russia and Nicaragua, Russia and Cuba, between China and Cuba, 29 big projects; between Russia and Bolivia, nuclear plants, infrastructure; between China and Bolivia, they’re working on satellite cooperation; Argentina and Russia, infrastructure, nuclear design, construction, the operation of nuclear plants and a research reactor; water desalination, and many other projects. Then, between Russia and Brazil, trade, military, nuclear cooperation — they want to double the trade per year; and they also are building together an anti-aircraft defense system, to expand the Glonass GPS navigation system. Between Brazil and China, there has now developed a truly strategic partnership. They are deepening space cooperation, joint satellite work with Africa, and also Brazil is selling jets to China, and they have large scientific exchanges. Between Argentina and China: infrastructure, nuclear cooperation, altogether 19 agreements. Between Venezuela and China; China and Mexico.

China and India: And when, on Sept. 17-20, this year, Xi Jinping visited India in a big state visit, they agreed upon ten major economic deals, and collaboration of nuclear science, especially the thorium-based nuclear reactor and also the Chinese pebble-bed solid fuel 100MW demonstration reactor.

All of these projects are extremely important because they show the way to the future. They are doing high-speed things, the entire trans-Atlantic region has given up, like nuclear energy, for the sake of speculation in worthless money and profit. But even if these projects are obviously extremely important, the spirit of a new Renaissance of the nations of the BRICS and the countries collaborating with the BRICS is even more important. Because the population in the U.S. and Europe has become culturally so pessimistic that it is very difficult to imagine that there are leaders in the world who are indeed fighting for the common good of their own people.

If you look at the speech of Xi Jinping in New Delhi during his state visit, I urge all of you to read that speech, because it is a speech which represents the highest level of statecraft and indeed, he expresses the principle of the Peace of Westphalia.

He said that China and India share a long history of friendship of over 2,000 years. Buddhism developed from India and was brought to China by monks. He mentioned Ji Xianlin the master of Chinese studies who was an expert in Sanskrit. He mentioned the Admiral Zheng He of the Ming Dynasty, who made seven voyages of exploration and visited India six times. And from China, they brought astronomy, calendars, literature, architecture, which were all introduced to China. And in turn China brought paper manufacturing, silk, porcelain, tea, music to India.

India, Xi Jinping said, supported China during the Opium War and China encouraged the Indian Independence movement. Then he quoted at length Rabindranath Tagore, the great Indian poet, who is adored by the Chinese people, and he quoted him, saying, when he came to China, “I don’t know, but I feel as if I’ve come back home, when I’m in China.” And when he left, he said, “my heart remains here.”

Then Xi Jinping addressed the Chinese and Indian youth in the audience, and said, “I hope you can absorb the wisdom of the ancient history of China and India, and continue forward in the pursuit of truth. Keep youthful hearts in China, and keep youthful hearts in India. Let’s be of the same mind and create a better future, hand-in-hand.

One who wishes to be successful seeks to help others to be successful. One who wishes to be understood, understands others. While China is seeking its own development, we sincerely wish India to be prosperous, striving and powerful. We are the driving force of Asia and global development, and now, we once again are at the frontier of times, China and India work together for the benefit of each other, the Asian region and the whole world.”

Xi expressed that he already had deep interest in Indian civilization since he was young, and then he very knowledgeably pointed to the great periods of Indian history: The Ganges River civilization, the Veda culture, the Gupta period, and then had many beautiful quotes from Tagore.

This is exactly the same spirit in which the schiller institute was created 30 years ago, that if a nation wants to live in peace with other nations, we have to highlight and emphasize the high cultures of the others. Not only will the New Silk Road economically benefit the other, and create a higher economic platform, a progress for all participating nations, but the New Silk Road is also a metaphor for a new cultural Renaissance, where each nation will emphasize and revive the best, most beautiful poetry, music and philosophy.

Xi Jinping, at the occasion of the 2,565th birthday of Confucius, basically said at an international seminar, “If a country or nation does not cherish its own thinking and culture, if they lose their soul, no matter which country or nation, it will not be able to stand. ” And that is the problem of Europe and that is the problem of America, that we have lost our culture and we have lost our soul.

And Xi Jinping said also, “Classics should be embedded into the student’s mind, and become the genes of the Chinese culture.” For China, Confucius, Mencius, and the 5,000 years of its history, is right now becoming very rapidly the identity of the entire nation, and the Chinese government makes a tremendous effort that everybody finds out about 5,000 years of Chinese history, and adheres to that. In India, a similar effort is being made to study the Vedic writings, the Rig Veda, the beautiful song of creation; the Sanatana Dharma, which means there is an eternal religion above all other religion, which is exactly the idea of Nikolaus of Cusa, that there is a higher truth that unites all of mankind, and a higher being which is above religion. Or as Tagore said in his famous dialogue with Einstein, “When our universe is in harmony with man, the eternal, we know it as truth, we feel it as beauty.”

Now, for Russia, that means that the power of Pushkin’s poetry and the prescience of Vernadsky, must be equally made a question of national identity. And if we in Europe want to survive, we better revive our great tradition of Plato, Leonardo Da Vinci, Cervantes, Rabelais, Rembrandt, Nikolaus of Cusa, Leibniz, Bach, Beethoven, and Schiller, and revive the noble self-conception of man, these people had.

We need, as Narendra Modi said, a mass movement for development, not only in India and other developing countries, but we need a mass movement for development especially in the nations of Europe and in the United States. We need a movement to join the BRICS countries for the creation of a better, more harmonious world, for the development of all nations on the planet. And this mass movement for development must be inspired by a passionate love for mankind!

For Russia, this new paradigm must be based on the beauty of Pushkin’s poetry and Vernadsky, who, as Lyndon LaRouche wrote already in this book Earth’s Next Fifty Years, must be defined as the sublime notional reference for which it includes the serious question, what is the difference between countries in a quasi-axiomatic way? How will the noösphere basically look in two generations from now? What is the best approach for the fulfillment and requirements of national and personal sovereignty in the course of the next two generations or more, as well as the creation of an urgently needed improvement of the characteristics and quality of the noösphere.

We have to define the solution for the present problems of the world from the standpoint of the future: Where do we, as mankind, want to be in two generations, or in a hundred years from now? If we don’t want to be in a dark age, where only a few million miserable people are cave-dwelling in the wilderness, or have a mankind which is extinct, because we could not get rid of the Empire in time to avoid thermonuclear extinction, then we have to affirm the identity of mankind as the only known creative species in the universe so far.

Let us, therefore, create a mass movement for the common aims of mankind, for a vision of the future, a world where we have accomplished energy and raw materials security for all of humanity, because we have established an industrial base on the Moon, for mining of helium-3, for fusion energy production and other raw materials, which will give us the condition for an isotope economic, precision medical procedures, and manufacturing space propulsion with one-gravity constant acceleration, space travel to farther away heavenly bodies, Mars and asteroids. And where we will be able to have the defense of the planet Earth against asteroids, meteorites and comets.

We will have new scientific revolutions to find out what our Solar System, our galaxy, what is the universe with its billions of galaxies, what it really is? This new inclusive security architecture has to proceed from that standpoint. The New Silk Road concept will not only be a connection among nations on the planet, like the ancient Silk Road, but it will be a World Land-Bridge connecting all continents, but it will also lift mankind up to the stars, together, elevate us to think on the level of the coincidentia oppositorum, the coincidence of opposites, developed by Nikolaus of Cusa.

This must become the identity of mankind in the New Silk Road, that of a creative species, which will be in cohesion with the laws of the cosmic order.

Next clip:

ANNOUNCER: A Chinese dream since ancient times has come true. The lunar probe, named after the mythical Chinese goddess Chang’e, began its descent towards the Moon on December 14th, at 9 p.m. Beijing time. About 12 minutes later, a touchdown on the Moon crater Sinus Iridum, the Bay of Rainbows.

[Chinese announces touchdown success to excitedly to wild applause.]

ANNOUNCER: Just one day after the Chang’e-3 landed on the surface of the Moon, the six-wheeled Yutu rover was sent out to begin exploring. As it reached 9 meters north, the lunar lander and rover snapped photos of each other. The color images were transmitted right back to Earth, via a deep space network designed by China. It was the first time images of the Chinese national flag had been taken on an extraterrestrial body! As photos from outer space were being transmitted back to the Beijing Aerospace Command and Control Center, cheers and congratulations where shared all around. The chief command of the lunar program declared the Chang’e-3 mission a complete success!

[Ending of Beethoven quartet plays to end of video.]


So. It is in our hands: Do we want to have a humanity to become truly human. This is a short excerpt of the Sistine Chapel fresco where God is touching the hand of Adam, and that is a symbol for man becoming the divine creative species. And as a last picture, I want to show you a design of a Chinese man at a recent conference, to show how China is reaching out to the United States.



And in that spirit…!


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