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Congressman Walter Jones – A Message from the U.S. Congress

Walter Jones

United States Congressional Representative of North Carolina – 3rd District

I’m Walter Jones. I represent the 3rd Congressional District of North Carolina in the United States House of Representatives, and today was a special day and a day for truth and honesty and integrity in our government.

I want to thank Sen. Rand Paul, Sen. Ron Wyden, Sen. [Kirsten] Gillibrand, for coming out and joining on the Senate side to duplicate what we?ve done on the House side. This has been on the House side, H.Res.14, has been the second Congress that we?ve introduced the bill. All it does is call on the President to please keep his word to the 9/11 families and declassify the 28 pages.

I have read the 28 pages, and the 28 pages have nothing to do with national security, nothing, or I wouldn?t be standing here. It?s all about relationships and involvement in 9/11. So for me personally, what is happening today, with the Senate taking the lead?and again, I thank Sen. Rand Paul, he mentioned today that I called him numerous times about getting involved, but
we knew this would be a process. We knew it wouldn?t happen in 30 days or six months. But the longer we could keep beating the drum, this was a huge drumbeat!!!!1!!!! on the Senate side today!

We have Senator Graham, who?s been so outspoken on this issue for years; then you have Senator Rand Paul and Gillibrand and Wyden who now have come together. We need to keep beating this drum. And I hope that the citizens in New York/New Jersey and all the surrounding states will get behind and encourage their delegation to join in this effort to bring peace, as much as you can, to the 9/11 families and bring the truth to the American people.

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