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Webcast: As Financial System Teeters, a New Bretton Woods is the Solution

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Only a fool could ignore the signs of an impending crash of the financial system. The whole international order is disintegrating, driven by the efforts of City of London/Wall Street financial oligarchs to grab more loot to prop up their speculative, casino economy, and its volume of unsustainable debts of all sorts.

Decades ago, Lyndon LaRouche forecast that this was inevitable, as those running the financial empire adopted increasingly insane strategies to protect worthless debt. As the Cold War division of the world ended, the neocons and neo-libs believed that they could keep the racket going, by employing U.S. military power to impose a unilateral order, based on the same geopolitical assumptions that led to two devastating world wars during the 20th century. In response, the populations of the Trans-Atlantic region rebelled, with Brexit, the Trump election and numerous other examples demonstrating the emergence of a full-scale insurgency against “mainstream” institutions, including political parties and the media.

At the same time, LaRouche’s call for an agreement among major powers is becoming a reality. LaRouche proposed an alliance between the U.S., Russia, China and India to form the core of establishing a New Bretton Woods. The advances made in the last years, centered around China’s Belt-and-Road Initiative, and the election of Donald Trump in the U.S., represent the only way out, for if the unilateralist geopoliticians maintain control, the world is heading for financial chaos and war.

This battle for the future has been the ongoing focus of Helga Zepp-LaRouche’s weekly webcasts. Join us this Friday for the latest update.

Webcast: The Time Has Come to End the Russiagate Fraud!

Helga Zepp-LaRouche discusses the growing (though futile) efforts by the British Empire to derail the momentum of the New Paradigm.

Webcast: Dialogue, Not War!

The BRICS summit last week in South Africa demonstrated how far the New Silk Road spirit has spread, shaping relations between nations on the basis of mutual benefit. Under the leadership of China’s Xi, Russia’s Putin, and India’s Modi, both the official proceedings of the BRICS and the bilateral discussions which occurred during the summit showed that a new era of peaceful cooperation has emerged. Will the Trans-Atlantic nations join it, or follow the British imperial geopoliticians to sabotage it, using assassinations, regime change and general warfare to do so?

The “Singapore model,” of dialogue instead of war, which was created when President Donald Trump met with North Korean President Kim Jong-un, and then continued in the Trump-Putin Helsinki summit, has been under intense assault. The Fake News media have been deriding the results and denouncing the participants, Trump and Putin, while neo-cons and neo-libs in both U.S. political parties and in mainstream European parties are engaging in schemes to shut down the process. Unfortunately for them, the significant meeting between Trump and new Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte cemented an alliance between the two nations, in opposition to the Trans-Atlantic status quo, and in the press conference afterwards, may have opened a new possibility to apply the Singapore model.

Asked whether he would speak to Iran’s leaders, Trump said “I’ll meet with anybody….There’s nothing wrong with meeting….. I’m ready to meet anytime they want to…. I think it’s an appropriate thing to do.” While there are still obstacles to overcome for a resolution to be achieved between the U.S. and Iran, Trump’s sentiment is a step forward. When it comes to matters of war and peace, dialogue is preferable to war, which can overcome the problems created by the geopoliticians, who clearly prefer war.

Helga Zepp LaRouche said the year 2018 should be the year in which humanity rejects forever the geopoliticians’ model, based on pitting each against all, to protect the interests of the Empire. She will speak on the most recent developments, and the road ahead, this Thursday. Be sure to “tune in.”

Webcast: Trump Invites Putin to DC, Xi Jinping Tours Africa: Momentum Builds for New Paradigm

The screaming you are hearing against Presidents Trump, Putin and Xi Jinping from the imperial geopoliticians and their flunkeys in Congress and the media is a sign of their growing desperation, in the face of the dynamic for peace and development unleashed by China’s Belt-and-Road Initiative (BRI). Long championed by the Schiller Institute’s Helga Zepp LaRouche as the means to overcome the dangers implicit in the old paradigm, dominated by geopolitical confrontations leading to wars, and financial swindles, the New Paradigm is within reach, as its leading adherents are moving with thoughtful determination, and everyday are being joined by leaders of other nations. President Xi’s successful visit to African nations is an example of the power being unleashed by this dynamic.

What is needed now is a mobilization of thoughtful citizens, who understand what is at stake in the battles ahead. Will legal hitman Robert Mueller and his deranged anti-Trump cheerleaders succeed in taking down the President, or will the revolt which thrust him into office act to insure that the real colluders — led by Obama and his team, acting on behalf of, and in collaboration with the British crown and its intelligence agencies — take the well-deserved fall? Will President Trump and Putin continue their successful dialogue, as the announcement of a second summit implies, or will the Russophobic crazies succeed in undermining the two statesmen and put the world on a course toward nuclear war? Will the ill-advised tariff policy designed to punish China break the friendship between Trump and Xi, or will the President bring the U.S. into full cooperation with China and the BRI? Will the EU splinter into chaos, due to the monetarist policies imposed by London and Brussels, or will Europe find new leaders who wish to cooperate with the emerging new paradigm? The answer to these questions cannot be left to chance, or to the existing stable of political leaders, who have repeatedly proven to be unable to come up with solutions to these existential problems — you must help us build the movement of thoughtful citizens, to determine the future.

Get the latest update from Mrs. LaRouche on this Thursday’s webcast, and make the decision to join the Schiller Institute, to become part of the movement which is recruiting citizens to win this crucial fight for the future.

Webcast: Trump-Putin Summit Brings World Closer to New Paradigm

Though there has been a tremendous backlash against the results of the Trump-Putin summit, those who are denouncing it are running out of time to stop the consolidation of a New Paradigm. The diplomatic offensive, of which U.S. President Trump is playing a key role, is bringing together most nations of the world, representing the majority of the world’s population, into agreement around a new strategic architecture, which rejects that of the post-Cold War order. The old order is collapsing, under the weight of unsustainable debt, war weariness of subject populations, and the lack of ideas from its leaders.

It was the much-maligned Lyndon LaRouche who presented the principles which offer a safe escape from that collapsing system: the emergence of a Four-Power alliance, of the U.S., Russia, China and India, introducing a New Bretton Woods economic policy.
Using the ideas of Franklin D. Roosevelt as a starting point, and incorporating the approach of the best thinkers among scientists, philosophers, musicians, poets and artists in history, LaRouche’s method has helped shape the New Paradigm, which is explicit in the advances of China’s New Silk Road policy, which is today becoming the World Land-Bridge.

Keep in mind, those who maligned LaRouche are the same people today — including Robert Mueller — who are rejecting President Trump’s efforts to break the U.S. out of the stranglehold of the British imperial geopoliticians, who dictated the policies of George W. Bush and Barack Obama.


Webcast: European Governments Face Existential Crisis, Will They Turn to the New Paradigm For Solutions?

The crisis within the European Union never was limited to the ability of Greece, Spain, Italy, or any other nation to repay their debt. Beginning with the Maastricht Treaty, signed in February 1992, Helga Zepp LaRouche and the Schiller Institute have repeatedly pointed out that the EU institutions were badly flawed from the start, by design, as they were created to serve the interests of neo-liberal financial speculators of the City of London and Wall Street, and the unilateralist neo-cons allied with them, not the people of the nations of Europe.

Since Brexit, in country after country in Europe, voters have been in a state of rebellion, rejecting the established parties, just as American voters did in electing Donald Trump, who promised to end the era of corporate free trade policies, austerity, bailouts and regime change wars. Most significant, was Trump’s rejection of the Obama policy of confrontation with Russia and China, which was supported by most EU nations.

Trump’s determination to meet with Russian President Putin, to achieve a cooperative relationship with him, has created a new level of hysteria, with the meeting of the two now set for Helsinki triggering new, even more extreme panic among governments struggling to survive. The resignations this week of top officials in the May government in the U.K. is exemplary of a regime in disarray, as officials are incapable of thinking outside the axioms of the rapidly disintegrating institutions.

Helga Zepp LaRouche was never content to merely point out the shortcomings of these institutions. She has led an effective international campaign, to gain support for a New Paradigm, based on the economic ideas of her husband, Lyndon LaRouche, many of which are now shaping the global development plan of China’s President Xi Jinping, China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).

She has played a leading role in introducing the principles behind this plan to Western governments, many of which are now participating on some level in the BRI. Her recent call for the EU to drop its opposition to China’s BRI, and adopt instead the “Singapore example,” to instead work with China to develop Africa, is being discussed in many countries, though many governments are still proving to be incapable of breaking from the constraints of the old paradigm.

Join Mrs. LaRouche your host Harley Schlanger this Thursday, and every Thursday, as she presents the latest update on this dynamic unfolding process, and provides strategic guidance to citizens who wish to move their nations out from under the dictatorship represented by the old, submissive thinking, and bring them into the New Paradigm.

Webcast: Europe Led to New Paradigm by Schiller Institute Conference

The two-day Schiller Institute conference held in Bad Soden, Germany, on June 30-July 1, brought together leaders from around the world, to engage in intense and impassioned deliberation on how to bring a dysfunctional Europe into the New Paradigm. Helga Zepp-LaRouche drafted a blueprint, on June 17, for the European Union (EU), which explained how the “Singapore example” demonstrates that previously antagonistic nations can work together to solve seemingly intractable problems, when they address crises by adopting the New Silk Road Spirit. The European Union, meeting two days before the Schiller conference, unfortunately did not take her advice.

However, the 300+ participants at the Schiller conference heard from officials from Russia, China, the U.S., Nigeria, Yemen and numerous European countries, who are working toward this end. In her keynote, Mrs. LaRouche pointed to the announcement of an upcoming Trump-Putin summit as another potentially transformative event, resulting from the diplomatic efforts associated with the New Silk Road.

Join Mrs. LaRouche and your host Harley Schlanger this Thursday, on her weekly Schiller Institute strategic webcast, as she reports on the results of the conference, and provides insights on how to move ahead, to realize for the world the benefits of the New Paradigm.

Webcast: Trump-Putin Summit Can Change History—Trans-Atlantic Fascist Force Wants To Stop It

This week’s strategic webcast with Schiller Institute Founder and President Helga Zepp-LaRouche will discuss the ongoing shift of the world’s strategic center from the collapsing Trans-Atlantic region, to Asia and Eurasia, including an update on the diplomatic front — e.g., the prospects for a Trump-Putin summit — and continuing advances in the Belt-and-Road Initiative.  This perspective stands in sharp contrast to the disintegration and squabbling among western governments, but it also raises the danger of new False Flag operations, Fake News coverage and financial disintegration, by the geopoliticians — both neo-cons and neo-libs — allied with the British Empire, who are engaged in a desperate effort to sabotage the emergence of a New Paradigm.  Her weekly briefings are essential for anyone who wishes to be informed enough to play a role in shaping a better future.


Webcast: Change For the Better Is Coming, If You Fight For It

There is an ongoing transformational shift underway in the world, as the era of geopolitics, with its destruction of nations through financial manipulations and wars, is being challenged by the emergence of a new era of “win-win” policies of mutual benefit, spearheaded by China’s Belt and Road Initiative. Developments in Asia, with the Trump-Kim summit in Singapore and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit in Qingdao, China, provide examples which show that peaceful economic cooperation is not only possible, but is already underway. The benefits of this new era can be seen in new infrastructure projects throughout Eurasia, Africa, and in South and Central America, and the clamor to be included is also heard now in a number of nations in Europe.

The growing likelihood of a Trump-Putin summit is part of this new geometry, an indication that the U.S. President is breaking out of the containment intended by the fraudulent, so-called Russiagate allegations. For this moment of great opportunity to be realized, there must be an elevation in both the capabilities of creative thinking, and passionate activation, of citizens of all nations. Schiller Institute founder and President Helga Zepp LaRouche’s weekly webcasts are a critical part of elevating populations to the level required by this promising moment of history.

Help us organize to make these webcasts available to growing numbers of people, to bring new activists into the fight for the New Paradigm each week.


Webcast: Trump and His Eurasian Allies Outflank the Dying British Empire

The contrast could not have been greater. While the dysfunctional nature of the dying G7, or G6, or G5 (!) — a remnant of British geopolitics which has dominated post-war policies — was on full display in Canada, an alternative global system was moving ahead in Qingdao, China, with the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) meeting, based on the “win-win” outlook of China’s New Silk Road policy. And while the destabilized leaders of the increasingly irrelevant G7 were left to whine about President Trump abandoning them — both figuratively and literally — Trump’s extraordinary summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un was a reflection of his orientation to Eurasia, as its success is in part due to his collaboration with leaders of China, Russia, South Korea and Japan.

And what do people living in the Transatlantic region know about this new Eurasian dynamic which is shaping the future? Unfortunately, since most of the officials of the “mainstream” political parties of the West continue to act in the interests of the geopolitical doctrine created by the British Empire, and the media spew forth Fake News to back it up, few are aware of the reality of the great global transformation underway.

Each week, Helga Zepp LaRouche, the founder of the Schiller Institute, provides a succinct and dramatic presentation, designed to put her viewers on the stage of history. In these weekly webcasts, she has provided both an overview of events, from the top-down, and a method of analysis, which give her viewers an opportunity to play a part in this transformation. Don’t miss her presentation this week, with your host Harley Schlanger, and make sure to inform as many others as possible, that this is their opportunity to break out from under the bubble of lies and disinformation, so they may catch the New Silk Road Spirit.


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