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Webcast – The Battle Lines are Clear: New Paradigm, or Economic Chaos and War

We’re happy to bring you this week’s webcast with Helga Zepp-LaRouche.

There is a rebellion in Europe!  From the Yellow Vests, to Brexit, to the political crisis in Germany—mass ferment continues to build against the imploding neo-liberal order.  The exception in Europe is Italy, which is the only stable government fighting against the EU insanity (with Portugal and Spain starting to make some interesting moves as well).

Looking at the global situation, we do have some positive developments coming out of the recent G20 meeting in Argentina.  Presidents Donald Trump and Xi Jinping held critical talks, concluding that the U.S. and China can work together.  Unfortunately the anti-Russia chaos operations did succeed in preventing Trump from meeting with Putin, but Trump is continuing to fight back.  In a recent Tweet, Trump emphasized the need to work with with Xi and Putin to stop the arms race.

In the United States, we see an important development involving the Congress.  46 of the newly-elected Democrats have released a letter saying their intention is to focus on addressing real issues, like health care and infrastructure, and they didn’t focus on the ridiculous charade of calling for Trump’s impeachment.

And we have some new progress with the Belt and Road Initiative, with Portugal now signing on!


Image credit: A standoff at the Arc de Triomphe led some to draw parallels between the Yellow Vest protests and France’s revolutionary past. [Ruptly / Screengrab]


Webcast: Ukraine Provocations Staged to Cancel Trump-Putin Summit

In this week’s webcast, Helga Zepp-LaRouche and Harley Schlanger discuss the causes and consequences of Trump’s cancellation of he and Putin’s summit at the upcoming G20 meeting in Argentina. Zepp-LaRouche reiterates Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov’s assessment that the provocation was conducted by the same forces out to destroy the Trump presidency.

Zepp-LaRouche also discusses the so-called “Integrity Initiative” and how the “cluster groups” running anti-Russian propaganda from British embassies must be investigated, as British meddling, with dangerous consequences!

Also discussed is the significance of Chinese diplomatic/economic initiatives and conferences in Europe. Helga has called for surrounding Germany with nations working with China—it is happening, e.g., with Xi in Spain.

Whatever happens at the G20—and don’t expect much of anything from the G20, but the side meetings are important—we must keep our offensive going, for a Four Power agreement leading to a NBW, and LaRouche’s Four Laws.

Webcast: Only Mr. LaRouche’s Program Can Reverse the Economic Breakdown

In this week’s Schiller Institute webcast, Helga Zepp-LaRouche covered the following subjects:

1. Various people are now warning of a coming crash—this confirms the warnings of Lyndon LaRouche, and underscores the need to move from a monetarist focus to an emphasis on physical economic development!  This is not just a “financial” crash, but a physical breakdown that’s already taking lives, just look at the U.S. state of California: record forest fires, a homeless crisis, the spread of “third world” epidemics, etc.  And, across the Atlantic, we have the “yellow jacket” revolt in France.  LaRouche’s 4 Laws economic recovery program must be implemented now.

2. Going against the western media attacks on China, we have a major media outlets now raising a reassessment of China.  The U.S. New York Times and France’s Le Monde are now discussing the success of China’s “different model!”

3. The upcoming G20 summit in Argentina could be incredibly important.  We can have “careful optimism” that President Trump’s meetings with President Xi and President Putin can initiate a global strategic shift, but there must be a mobilization to support Trump’s desire for this (given all the anti-China and anti-Russia hysteria).

4. In the U.S., the Trump administration needs to move forward with the declassification of documents showing that it was the British that interfered in the U.S. 2016 Presidential election.  Americans must again reclaim their republic from the British Empire!

5. We’re organizing a Renaissance!  Real economic change requires a change in culture, back to the classical method, and we saw an excellent demonstration of this with the recent Schiller Institute concert in New York City.

Thumbnail Image Credit: DoD photo by Master Sgt. Christopher DeWitt, U.S. Air Force

Webcast: Missed Opportunity in France, Huge Potential at G20

Helga Zepp-LaRouche discusses the following matters:

How Macron’s vanity prevented an opportunity for a crucial discussion between Trump and Putin taking place, during Nov. 11 Armistice commemoration: Macron put forward a new “European Empire” as opposed to “nationalism”, precisely as the European project is collapsing: Brexit, Italy versus EU.

There is NO threat from China: contrasting the positive developments from the Singapore summits, and the reopening of U.S.-China talks (Kudlow, Ross) with the insane war mongering from Rubio and Congressional neocons.

The Democratic Party, caught between the Obama-Hillary tradition, favor of impeachment and war, and those who wish to do something about the collapse of living standards, etc.— especially now, as the devastating fires in California call for a reconstruction policy above parties.

A final appeal to join the Schiller Institute to address the deep moral crisis confronting mankind, with a new Renaissance, based on cooperation for mutual benefit.

Webcast: Use Trump’s Victory to Build Momentum for the New Paradigm

Forget what the pundits and anti-Trumpers say.  The midterm election was no victory for Democrats, but changes, for the better, the situation in the U.S.  Helga discusses this, with its implications for U.S. politics, and for Europe, in this week’s webcast.  Ironically, as a result of Trump’s success, he will be coming to Paris this week in a stronger position than either Macron or Merkel!

She also identified the enormous potential of the Shanghai expo, with its implications both for resolving trade problems between the U.S. and China, but also to move towards a New Bretton Woods.

Speaking of Paris, Helga emphasized the urgency of using the Nov. 11 commemoration of the end of World War I, to learn the lessons of why the era of British geopolitics must be brought immediately to an end.

She called on viewers to study Xi’s speech in Shanghai, as an example of what Lyn has spoken about for years, on how creativity and innovation must be a continuous process, for the betterment of mankind.


Webcast: War or Peace — US Midterm Elections Hold the Key

Helga Zepp-LaRouche’s weekly webcast discusses the orchestration of the “chaos scenario” leading to the U.S. midterm election, where the real issue is “war or peace” between the old paradigm of the British Empire versus the New Paradigm of growth and development. In conclusion, Mrs. Zepp-LaRouche issues a powerful summary of the potential for post-election diplomacy, with meetings scheduled between Trump and Putin at an event commemorating the end of World War I, a war which occurred due to the geopolitics of the British Empire.

Webcast: November 6 U.S. Election Can Secure New Paradigm and End Imperial Geopolitics

There is clearly something President Trump sees in the changing world strategic configuration that his frantic enemies don’t want you to see. While they wail about him “insulting allies”, ignoring the “crimes” of Putin and other “authoritarian leaders”, rejecting “climate science”, etc. — as the sad figure of Leslie Stahl was reduced to, on last Sunday’s “60 Minutes” interview with him — there are dramatic shifts in the world that require an American President prepared to break with the failed British-Wall Street geopolitics which has been imposed, with dangerous consequences, in the recent decades. Trump’s crime is not collusion in Putin’s election meddling, but his desire to break out of the geopolitical insanity coming primarily from the City of London and its American neocon and neoliberal underlings. This was the key to his election victory, as part of a global insurgency against deadly imperial business-as-usual.

In the last months, much of the world has enthusiastically embraced the Belt-and-Road Initiative (BRI) of China, including Japan, Austria and Italy among EU nations, most African nations, and many South and Central American nations. President Trump’s defense of sovereignty at the UN was enthusiastically received by the leaders of these nations, as it was taken as a sign that he sees such developments as an expression of their sovereign rights.

Whether he is able to bring the U.S. fully into cooperation with the BRI depends on whether the American people are mobilized to deliver a stinging repudiation to the old imperial regime, when they vote on November 6. The stakes have never been higher. Join Helga Zepp LaRouche this Thursday to get a full report on the progress of the New Paradigm, and what we must do between now and November 6, to secure its victory.

Webcast: War and Peace at Stake in U.S. Midterm Elections


In less than five weeks, U.S. voters will determine the future of humanity. If the Jacobin uprising promoted by the “Resist” movement, funded by the likes of Soros, and backed by the Obama-Clinton losers in 2018, succeeds in turning the House and Senate over to the Democrats, the world is headed for war. A Democratic victory would give new impetus to the impeachment drive against President Donald Trump, which has stalled due to the failure of the coup plotters to turn up any evidence against the President, as well as due to the ongoing exposure of the corruption of the Obama-Clinton security/intelligence apparatus running the regime change operation, in collaboration with British imperial forces.

As Helga Zepp LaRouche has detailed over the course of the last twenty months, the targeting of Trump is not due to Russian meddling in the U.S. election, but to Trump’s desire to break the U.S. out of the deadly geopolitical nightmare imposed on it by the Bush and Obama administrations. This fight has reached a critical moment. As the New Paradigm shaped by the bold Chinese initiatives around the New Silk Road has emerged, gaining strength by the day, the desperation of the imperial geopoliticians has grown. The tactics they used in the Kavanaugh case show they are prepared to throw out all constitutional principles, including the presumption of innocence, while unleashing crazed, potentially violent mobs against those backing the President. While polls indicate the putschists may have overplayed their hand, nothing can be taken for granted, as the stakes are so high.

Join Mrs. LaRouche this Thursday, and organize others to join in. These are not “ordinary times”, in which “politics as usual” will assure a positive outcome. The quality of elevated strategic thinking and individual creative involvement demanded by Helga are the special factors required for victory over the war party this November 6.

Webcast: What Will It Take to Defeat Russiagate, and Bring the U.S. and Europe Into the New Paradigm?

In a discussion on October 1, Helga Zepp LaRouche identified the current crisis as one in which two contrasting dynamics have been unleashed, and are in direct conflict. One is defined by the collapsing financial/geopolitical system in the Trans-Atlantic region, in which the acceleration of the downward spiral is the factor driving desperate leaders of the failed paradigm to unleash more conflicts, increasing the danger of global warfare, including nuclear war. At the same time, the New Paradigm associated with the global economic and diplomatic initiatives of the Belt-and-Road Initiative, and the BRICS, a paradigm of peace and development, is gaining momentum, as a growing number of nations are choosing the New Silk Road spirit, over the deadly course of imperial geopolitics.

The question posed to all citizens in the west is whether the United States and nations of Europe will act to break with the past, and thereby assure the success of the New Paradigm. President Trump’s speech to the United Nations last week sounded many of the same themes he voiced to win the 2016 election, including rejection of Mideast wars and regime change policies, of the right of nations to sovereignty, and ending the colonial practices being imposed under the guise of “free trade”. But despite these positive themes, and the courage he has shown in his ongoing battle against the British-directed, corrupt officials from the Bush-Obama-Clinton network of intelligence operatives running Russiagate against him, the neo-cons and neo-libs have not yet been defeated, and continue to assert a significant negative influence on U.S. and NATO policy.

It is therefore necessary to escalate the fight to bring the authors of the regime change coup attempt against President Trump to justice. Trump’s order to declassify documents related to systemic illegal actions by top Department of Justice/FBI officials, combined with Congressional hearings into the May 2017 meeting (or meetings), during which — according to former Acting Director of the FBI Andrew McCabe — Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein discussed a plan to remove Trump using the “25th Amendment”, will provide more evidence which can be used to shut down the coup. The upcoming mid-term elections must be taken as a point of mobilization against the coup, to show that Americans are ready to join the New Paradigm.

Help us build the audience for this Thursday’s webcast. Each week, Helga offers a compelling picture of the latest developments, and clear marching orders on how citizens can intervene to crush the coup, and bring the U.S. and Europe into the New Paradigm. We must not miss this opportunity.

Webcast: Discredited Russiagate Coup Must Be Shut Down, For the Sake of Humanity

In last week’s webcast, Helga Zepp-LaRouche reviewed the significance of President Trump’s order to declassify “Russiagate” documents related to the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ)/FBI attempted coup against him. The release of these documents, combined with the revelations by George Papadopoulos, who told Fox News that it was the British and their Australian counterparts who targeted him, by planting the lies of Russian “hacking,” provide evidence which can lead to not just breaking up the British-directed coup, but sending its perpetrators from the Obama intelligence community, to prison, for interference in the presidential election.

The hysterical reaction by the perpetrators — including direct intervention by the British and Australian governments, demanding that there be no declassification — led to a postponement of carrying out Trump’s order. But the President gave an assurance that they would be declassified. Despite the explosive consequences of Trump’s order, the western media is not covering it, choosing instead to run nonstop coverage of alleged teenage sexual escapades of Supreme Court nominee Kavanaugh, along with the ongoing deliberately provocative and confusing story of whether coup participant Rod Rosenstein, the Deputy Attorney General who appointed Mueller as special counsel, suggested using the 25th Amendment to remove Trump, has quit, or will be fired. Such coverage is designed to disorient viewers, at a moment when clarity is essential.

And while this is unfolding, the U.N. General Assembly has convened, in the midst of significant diplomatic initiatives which will determine whether the New Paradigm associated with China’s Belt-and-Road Initiative will end the era of geopolitical destabilizations and wars.

Join Mrs. LaRouche in this week’s webcast, as she provides the clarity needed to mobilize to end the coup, and with that, put an end to imperial geopolitics.

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