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Webcast: November 6 U.S. Election Can Secure New Paradigm and End Imperial Geopolitics

There is clearly something President Trump sees in the changing world strategic configuration that his frantic enemies don’t want you to see. While they wail about him “insulting allies”, ignoring the “crimes” of Putin and other “authoritarian leaders”, rejecting “climate science”, etc. — as the sad figure of Leslie Stahl was reduced to, on last Sunday’s “60 Minutes” interview with him — there are dramatic shifts in the world that require an American President prepared to break with the failed British-Wall Street geopolitics which has been imposed, with dangerous consequences, in the recent decades. Trump’s crime is not collusion in Putin’s election meddling, but his desire to break out of the geopolitical insanity coming primarily from the City of London and its American neocon and neoliberal underlings. This was the key to his election victory, as part of a global insurgency against deadly imperial business-as-usual.

In the last months, much of the world has enthusiastically embraced the Belt-and-Road Initiative (BRI) of China, including Japan, Austria and Italy among EU nations, most African nations, and many South and Central American nations. President Trump’s defense of sovereignty at the UN was enthusiastically received by the leaders of these nations, as it was taken as a sign that he sees such developments as an expression of their sovereign rights.

Whether he is able to bring the U.S. fully into cooperation with the BRI depends on whether the American people are mobilized to deliver a stinging repudiation to the old imperial regime, when they vote on November 6. The stakes have never been higher. Join Helga Zepp LaRouche this Thursday to get a full report on the progress of the New Paradigm, and what we must do between now and November 6, to secure its victory.

Webcast: War and Peace at Stake in U.S. Midterm Elections


In less than five weeks, U.S. voters will determine the future of humanity. If the Jacobin uprising promoted by the “Resist” movement, funded by the likes of Soros, and backed by the Obama-Clinton losers in 2018, succeeds in turning the House and Senate over to the Democrats, the world is headed for war. A Democratic victory would give new impetus to the impeachment drive against President Donald Trump, which has stalled due to the failure of the coup plotters to turn up any evidence against the President, as well as due to the ongoing exposure of the corruption of the Obama-Clinton security/intelligence apparatus running the regime change operation, in collaboration with British imperial forces.

As Helga Zepp LaRouche has detailed over the course of the last twenty months, the targeting of Trump is not due to Russian meddling in the U.S. election, but to Trump’s desire to break the U.S. out of the deadly geopolitical nightmare imposed on it by the Bush and Obama administrations. This fight has reached a critical moment. As the New Paradigm shaped by the bold Chinese initiatives around the New Silk Road has emerged, gaining strength by the day, the desperation of the imperial geopoliticians has grown. The tactics they used in the Kavanaugh case show they are prepared to throw out all constitutional principles, including the presumption of innocence, while unleashing crazed, potentially violent mobs against those backing the President. While polls indicate the putschists may have overplayed their hand, nothing can be taken for granted, as the stakes are so high.

Join Mrs. LaRouche this Thursday, and organize others to join in. These are not “ordinary times”, in which “politics as usual” will assure a positive outcome. The quality of elevated strategic thinking and individual creative involvement demanded by Helga are the special factors required for victory over the war party this November 6.

Webcast: What Will It Take to Defeat Russiagate, and Bring the U.S. and Europe Into the New Paradigm?

In a discussion on October 1, Helga Zepp LaRouche identified the current crisis as one in which two contrasting dynamics have been unleashed, and are in direct conflict. One is defined by the collapsing financial/geopolitical system in the Trans-Atlantic region, in which the acceleration of the downward spiral is the factor driving desperate leaders of the failed paradigm to unleash more conflicts, increasing the danger of global warfare, including nuclear war. At the same time, the New Paradigm associated with the global economic and diplomatic initiatives of the Belt-and-Road Initiative, and the BRICS, a paradigm of peace and development, is gaining momentum, as a growing number of nations are choosing the New Silk Road spirit, over the deadly course of imperial geopolitics.

The question posed to all citizens in the west is whether the United States and nations of Europe will act to break with the past, and thereby assure the success of the New Paradigm. President Trump’s speech to the United Nations last week sounded many of the same themes he voiced to win the 2016 election, including rejection of Mideast wars and regime change policies, of the right of nations to sovereignty, and ending the colonial practices being imposed under the guise of “free trade”. But despite these positive themes, and the courage he has shown in his ongoing battle against the British-directed, corrupt officials from the Bush-Obama-Clinton network of intelligence operatives running Russiagate against him, the neo-cons and neo-libs have not yet been defeated, and continue to assert a significant negative influence on U.S. and NATO policy.

It is therefore necessary to escalate the fight to bring the authors of the regime change coup attempt against President Trump to justice. Trump’s order to declassify documents related to systemic illegal actions by top Department of Justice/FBI officials, combined with Congressional hearings into the May 2017 meeting (or meetings), during which — according to former Acting Director of the FBI Andrew McCabe — Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein discussed a plan to remove Trump using the “25th Amendment”, will provide more evidence which can be used to shut down the coup. The upcoming mid-term elections must be taken as a point of mobilization against the coup, to show that Americans are ready to join the New Paradigm.

Help us build the audience for this Thursday’s webcast. Each week, Helga offers a compelling picture of the latest developments, and clear marching orders on how citizens can intervene to crush the coup, and bring the U.S. and Europe into the New Paradigm. We must not miss this opportunity.

Webcast: Discredited Russiagate Coup Must Be Shut Down, For the Sake of Humanity

In last week’s webcast, Helga Zepp-LaRouche reviewed the significance of President Trump’s order to declassify “Russiagate” documents related to the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ)/FBI attempted coup against him. The release of these documents, combined with the revelations by George Papadopoulos, who told Fox News that it was the British and their Australian counterparts who targeted him, by planting the lies of Russian “hacking,” provide evidence which can lead to not just breaking up the British-directed coup, but sending its perpetrators from the Obama intelligence community, to prison, for interference in the presidential election.

The hysterical reaction by the perpetrators — including direct intervention by the British and Australian governments, demanding that there be no declassification — led to a postponement of carrying out Trump’s order. But the President gave an assurance that they would be declassified. Despite the explosive consequences of Trump’s order, the western media is not covering it, choosing instead to run nonstop coverage of alleged teenage sexual escapades of Supreme Court nominee Kavanaugh, along with the ongoing deliberately provocative and confusing story of whether coup participant Rod Rosenstein, the Deputy Attorney General who appointed Mueller as special counsel, suggested using the 25th Amendment to remove Trump, has quit, or will be fired. Such coverage is designed to disorient viewers, at a moment when clarity is essential.

And while this is unfolding, the U.N. General Assembly has convened, in the midst of significant diplomatic initiatives which will determine whether the New Paradigm associated with China’s Belt-and-Road Initiative will end the era of geopolitical destabilizations and wars.

Join Mrs. LaRouche in this week’s webcast, as she provides the clarity needed to mobilize to end the coup, and with that, put an end to imperial geopolitics.

Webcast: Victory Over Desperate British Empire Now Within Reach!

With the successful flanking maneuver agreed to by Russian President Putin and Turkey’s President Erdogan, to set up a demilitarized zone in Idlib province, the immediate danger of British-directed military confrontation with Syria has been momentarily defused. The British, backed by U.S. neocon war hawks Nikki Haley and John Bolton, have been threatening a U.K.-U.S.-French strike on Syria, if the Assad regime uses chemical weapons there, or if there are significant civilian casualties, as part of an assault on terrorists burrowed inside civilian population. While there has been no Syrian chemical weapons attack previously, the danger remains that London’s White Helmet assets and the terrorists they support may launch a False Flag chemical weapons attack, which they would blame on Assad, to justify a strike on his forces, and their propaganda machine continues to attack Syria for acting to free their nation of terrorists, with Russian and Iranian support!

The same British networks pushing for a broader conflict in southwest Asia are on the defensive elsewhere, as the forces allied to bring about a New Paradigm continue their peace-through-development offensive. The North and South Korean presidents are holding an historic meeting in Pyongyang. The just-completed FOCAC conference in Beijing demonstrated the enormous potential for African nations to develop as part of China’s Belt-and-Road Initiative. And corrupt U.S. Justice Department/FBI officials who have colluded with the Brits to create “Russiagate” are in danger of having criminal charges brought against them, due to President Trump’s decision to declassify documents which expose their illegal actions to achieve regime change in the U.S.

Lyndon LaRouche’s vision of a Four Power alliance, in which the U.S., Russia, China and India organize a New Bretton Woods monetary system which would end colonialism forever, is much closer to being realized than almost anyone could know. Why is that? — Because most of the world is subjected to the lies of the London-directed imperial faction, which is fighting to maintain control through their geopolitical doctrines of divide-and-conquer, and war.

One who does know how close we are to realizing the vision of Mr. LaRouche is his wife Helga. Join her this Thursday for the Schiller Institute strategic webcast, as she will provide for you a clear view of the beautiful possibilities which are now within reach.

Webcast: With China ‘Africa Will Be a Powerhouse of the Future’

A glimpse into the future of humanity is being offered to those with courage and imagination, with the opening of the Forum for China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) this week in Beijing. In the presence of 53 African heads of state, China’s President Xi Jinping laid out a strategy for their nations to leapfrog into the future, to realize a “shared community of interest for all humanity,” through participation in the scientific and technological breakthroughs associated with the Belt and Road Initiative.

China and Africa, he said, will “walk together towards prosperity”, and will “think with one mind, and work with one heart.” Toward that end, he pledged $60 billion in funding for development projects over the next three years, while stating that participation in these projects is open to all nations which wish to participate.

Contrast this with the pitiful state of the economy for those nations trapped by the debt imposed on them by the presently bankrupt Trans-Atlantic financial system. A new debt crisis for emerging nations has already arrived, but also for so-called developed nations, as the so-called financial innovations of the last decades prove to be nothing but producers of worthless, speculative paper, coming due at unpayable levels.

China’s bold initiatives beckon to those in the U.S. and Europe who wish to be a part of this positive future, but they must break away from the British imperial system, to join. It is the British Empire which created this debt, and which is using its old tools, such as divide-and-conquer politics, false-flag provocations, wars and regime change — including in the U.S. — to prevent Western governments from pursuing their national interests, by joining with China and its growing number of collaborators.

Get the latest update this Thursday, from Helga Zepp LaRouche, on the exciting developments in Beijing, and the desperation of the British-directed geopoliticians out to prevent the New Paradigm from creating a beautiful future for humanity.

Webcast: With Brits Preparing a New False Flag in Syria, Citizens Must Choose: War or New Silk Road

As the Russians and Syrians have exposed preparations for a new false flag chemical weapons attack in Idlib province, to be blamed on Syria, the choice of war and peace is now directly posed to the people of the Trans-Atlantic region. That the same dirty imperial intelligence networks responsible for previous incidents, which led to U.S., U.K. and French military strikes against Syria, and played a role in imposing new sanctions against Russia, shows how desperate they are to counter the emerging force of a potential four power arrangement, to replace their collapsing system with a New Bretton Woods system.

Further, that the same networks preparing this new war provocation have been exposed as behind the Russiagate attacks on President Trump means that the stage has been set for taking them down. What is required is a mobilization, leading up to the crucial mid-term elections in the U.S., of those who elected Trump in 2016, and those in Europe who have supported the continuing insurgency against the brain-dead establishment parties still running the neo-liberal post cold war order, demanding that governments join the New Paradigm associated with the New Silk Road policy.

Helga Zepp LaRouche and the Schiller Institute have been at the forefront in this mobilization. Join her this Thursday for the latest update in this fight, and for necessary marching orders to put an end to the provocations of the neo-liberals and their dangerous geopolitical intentions.

Webcast: Time Has Come For a New Bretton Woods, Based on LaRouche’s Four Laws

Does anyone really believe that more Quantitative Easing (QE) will solve the accelerating world financial crisis?  That creating more unpayable debt, through Central Banks increasing the volumes of QE funny money surging through system, will rebuild a single bridge, a kilometer of rail, or produce one productive job paying a livable wage?  Or that more free trade, privatization and deregulation are the keys to economic prosperity?  These are the “solutions” being pushed by the imperial elites of London and Wall Street who are still dictating policy in the Trans-Atlantic region.
But the axioms behind these failed policies produce paper profits only for the few, at the expense of growing numbers of lives, lost through the combined effects of deindustrialization and cultural degeneration, which have destroyed the optimism which should characterize the outlook of youth, who are turning instead to deadly opiods and suicide.   Voters throughout the Trans-Atlantic world have shown in the that they no longer trust or believe the pronouncements of the financial oligarchs, who cling to these failed axioms to keep their decaying system alive.
And many governments in the emerging sector have shown the same mistrust, as they are increasingly turning to China, and its now-global Belt-and-Road Initiative, rejecting the neo-liberal axioms to overcome the disasters imposed on them by those elites who have overseen the “post-colonial system” of looting and destruction.
The post-colonial system came into virtually unchallenged control nearly fifty years ago, with the decision on August 15, 1971, to break away from Franklin Roosevelt’s Bretton Woods fixed exchange rate financial system.  At that time, and since, Lyndon LaRouche and his wife Helga have been the leaders of the fight for a New Bretton Woods, based on bringing together the leading powers of the U.S., Russia, China and India to implement it.  With the election of Donald Trump, who shares LaRouche’s opposition to the establishment running this order, it became possible for the U.S. to fulfill the mission LaRouche had outlined since that fateful August day in 1971.
John Brennan, a hitman working for this London-based system, who intends to stop Trump, is now on the hot seat, facing the possibility of prosecution, along with many of his collaborators, for their crimes, including concocting the fraudulent case of Russiagate.
This Thursday, Helga Zepp LaRouche will advise you on what you can do to bring the New Bretton Woods fully into being, and put Brennan and his pals where they belong, in prison.  Don’t miss this opportunity!

Webcast: As Financial System Teeters, a New Bretton Woods is the Solution

Sign our petition for a New Bretton Woods!
Only a fool could ignore the signs of an impending crash of the financial system. The whole international order is disintegrating, driven by the efforts of City of London/Wall Street financial oligarchs to grab more loot to prop up their speculative, casino economy, and its volume of unsustainable debts of all sorts.

Decades ago, Lyndon LaRouche forecast that this was inevitable, as those running the financial empire adopted increasingly insane strategies to protect worthless debt. As the Cold War division of the world ended, the neocons and neo-libs believed that they could keep the racket going, by employing U.S. military power to impose a unilateral order, based on the same geopolitical assumptions that led to two devastating world wars during the 20th century. In response, the populations of the Trans-Atlantic region rebelled, with Brexit, the Trump election and numerous other examples demonstrating the emergence of a full-scale insurgency against “mainstream” institutions, including political parties and the media.

At the same time, LaRouche’s call for an agreement among major powers is becoming a reality. LaRouche proposed an alliance between the U.S., Russia, China and India to form the core of establishing a New Bretton Woods. The advances made in the last years, centered around China’s Belt-and-Road Initiative, and the election of Donald Trump in the U.S., represent the only way out, for if the unilateralist geopoliticians maintain control, the world is heading for financial chaos and war.

This battle for the future has been the ongoing focus of Helga Zepp-LaRouche’s weekly webcasts. Join us this Friday for the latest update.

Webcast: The Time Has Come to End the Russiagate Fraud!

Helga Zepp-LaRouche discusses the growing (though futile) efforts by the British Empire to derail the momentum of the New Paradigm.

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